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Topical / Transdermal

DMPS For Autism

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We receive hundreds of questions regarding where transdermal / topical DMPS can be obtained.  We choose Med Specialties Compounding Pharmacy for our trandermal DMPS.  They can be reached toll free at 877-373-2272. 

Topcial DMPS is a new and exciting treatment option for patients suffering from autism.  DMPS is a chelating agent that binds mercury in the system and allows it to be excreted.  Many patients have had their mercury levels drop substantially in a matter of months.  With this treatment many autistic patients have had outstanding improvements in speech and social function.  The topical form of DMPS is applied directly to the skin.  Studies of this treatment have shown it to be a highly safe and effective method of removing mercury and arsenic from each patients system.  In our opinion this treatment along with injectable vitamin b12 are both worth a try.

Patients that purchase a mineral check test will receive a coupon for 15% off of a prescription for Topical DMPS.

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Med Specialties Compounding Pharmacy

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