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Iodine Test Kit - Collection Instructions

Iodine Testing Using Home Urine Sample - Cost $

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DRIED URINE Collection Times:
Collect your first-morning sample immediately upon waking.

Collect your second sample just before bed.


We will be testing your iodine levels in the morning and at night. For baseline iodine testing it is recommended that you avoid high-iodine containing foods, herbs, and supplements the day before and the day of testing. Foods that contain higher levels of iodine include seafood and fish (e.g. shellfish, kelp), dairy products (e.g. milk, cream, cheese, ice cream), eggs and iodized salt.

1. Open the cover and fold back and away from the filter paper, holding it between your thumb and index finger. Do NOT touch the filter paper.

2. Saturate the filter strip either by urinating directly on it OR by first collecting urine in a clean cup and dipping the filter paper up to the black dash-line.

3.With the cover slip folded back and away from the urine- saturated filter, either hang on a towel rack at the crease, or insert the cover slip between a surface (e.g. table) and an object (e.g. book, glass) with the filter sticking out.

4. Allow to dry at least 4 hours (optimal overnight).

5. Repeat for night collection.

6. Next morning close flaps of both samples (without touching filter paper) and place in the plastic baggie.

Complete Paperwork and send samples to Lab:

1. Complete all relevant sections on the Test Requisition.
Collection date & time(s)

Hormone & supplement usage


Tests requested (unless premarked on paperwork)

Payment information


2. Place all samples, test requisition and any other paperwork INSIDE the plastic test kit box; snap test kit lid shut.

3. Place entire test kit box inside the return UPS packaging.

4. Affix the prepaid label or postage if required.

5. Return using the appropriate carrier.

NOTE: SAMPLES should be sent as soon as possible after collection and will remain stable under average shipping conditions. If sample(s) will not be sent the day of collection, please store in the freezer and note dates in Section 5 of the Test Requisition. DRIED URINE samples should be kept at room temperature.

Iodine Urine Testing
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