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Full Day Saliva Cortisol/DHEA (Stress Hormone) Adrenal Function Test

Tests 4 Cortisol levels throughout the day + DHEA-S levels for ONLY $165

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Stress, most of us have it, but in most of the cases stress

controls us!!! The long term effects that stress can

have on the body have been well documented. With

the fast paced lifestyles that many of us live it is

important that we take control of our health and

the ways that stress may be impacting it. High cortisol

levels and low DHEA levels are signs that stress is

physically taking its toll on our health. If high levels

are maintained patients can experience chronic fatigue,

muscle pain (fibromyalgia), osteoporosis, and other

long term conditions. Test your cortisol levels with our easy to

administer home cortisol/DHEA saliva test and start your

journey to take control of the stress in your life.

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