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Advanced Andropause Hormone Test Kit For Men

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Saliva Hormone Test Collection Instructions For Women

Day to Collect Your Saliva Sample

-Men do not require a special day of the month for testing. Any day of the month is appropriate.

Prepare for Collection:
1)Lay out the kit contents.

2)IMPORTANT: Print name, date, and time on collection devices where indicated prior
to collecting the sample.

3)Wash and dry hands with clean towel.

Test Results: Completion of the hormone tests typically takes about 3-5 days from the date ZRT receives your sample. Test results are returned to the health care provider who ordered them; you may obtain a copy there.

SALIVA Collection Times (Not all tests require multiple samples): ALL TESTERS: collect the large tube in the morning before break-fast/beverage.

If testing AM/PM Cortisol collect additional sample using the small tube just before bedtime.

If testing Diurnal Cortisol, Female/Male Saliva Profile III, or any Comprehensive or Fertility Profiles:
Collect a small tube at noon, before lunch Collect a small tube just before dinner Collect the last small tube at bedtime.

Collection Process

Do NOT eat, drink (except water), or brush teeth at least 2 hours prior to collection. Do not use lip products day of collection.
1. Rinse mouth with water about 5 minutes prior to collection.
2. Begin collecting saliva by allowing it to first pool in mouth-then transfer into tube.
3. Fill tube at least 1⁄2 full. Collection usually takes 5-30 minutes depending on saliva flow.
4. When done, cap the tube and place back into the plastic baggie. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 for additional
noon, evening, night collection.

NOTE: Not all tests require the use of four tubes. You may return unused tube(s) with your sample(s). To determine which of the tubes to use please refer to chart above.

TIPS: Dry mouth? Try pressing tip of tongue against teeth. Smelling (not eating) a lemon or other food can start saliva flow. Yawning can help too.
Mistake Collecting? Just rinse out the entire tube with hot water, no soap, shake out remaining water, and start over.

Completing Paperwork and Sending The Kit To The Lab

1. Complete all relevant sections on the Test Requisition.
Collection date & time(s)

Hormone & supplement usage


Tests requested (unless premarked
on paperwork)

Payment information


2. Place all samples, test requisition and any other paperwork INSIDE the plastic test kit box; snap test kit lid shut.
3. Place entire test kit box inside the return UPS packaging.
4. Affix the prepaid label or postage if required.
5. Return using the appropriate carrier.

NOTE: SALIVA SAMPLES should be sent as soon as possible after collection and will remain stable under average shipping conditions. If sample(s) will not be sent the day of collection, please store in the freezer and note dates in Section 5 of the Test Requisition.

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